Cetacean Society International

Working for whales, dolphins and porpoises worldwide

Barbara Kilpatrick Bio Picture

Barbara Kilpatrick


Committees Leader, Previous Treasurer

1980 - Present

At a public lecture in the early '80's, Robbins Barstow, one of the original Founders of Cetacean Society International fascinated me with tales of whales and the joy of watching them. When he asked for volunteers, my hand went up without hesitation.

Thirty years later, my world includes wonderful people who work tirelessly to prevent the capture and slaughter of whales, support researchers and activists, and encourage individuals to make a difference.

I am proud to be a member of this organization and served as Treasurer for many years and as a member of various planning committees. I have met people equally enthralled from all over the world at the International Whaling Commission and other whale related events.