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Whales Alive!

Vol. IV No. 3 July 1995


Addressed to the Contracting Governments of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling attending the 47th Annual Meeting of the IWC

We believe that even if commercial whaling could be shown to be theoretically sustainable, it cannot now be justified. We therefore urge all member nations to work toward the goal of an IWC management regime of total global protection from consumptive, commercial exploitation, and from lethal scientific whaling.

Sustainable use of natural resources does not require consumptive use. We believe that the optimum utilization of cetacean resources under the ICRW must stem from non-lethal, non-consumptive research, recreational, and educational activities, such as those involved in benign whalewatching.

While continuing to maintain staunch opposition to any resumption of commercial whale killing or any change in the Commission's zero catch limits, we urge member nations to participate in discussions that seek to establish a fail-safe system of supervision and control to be in effect should commercial whaling, nevertheless, come to be authorized at some future date.

Meanwhile, we urge continued discussion of non-lethal research methods and humane killing issues, including restraints on whaling under special permits for scientific purposes. We further urge active work to promote public education regarding the ethical arguments against commercial whale killing.


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