Cetacean Society International

Whales Alive!

Vol. IV No. 3 July 1995


by Len & Lea Brown

June 17, 1995 at the Province Lands Visitor Center amphitheater, the booming voice of Don Sineti once again took us back to the days of sail when whales were hunted. The lives of the crew came alive in song with an intensity that only Don can relate.

The day was filled with sunshine and good fellowship as we made our way down to the dock to board the newest boat of the Dolphin Fleet for a sunset cruise with Captain Steve. Two spectacular sightings of the second largest whale in the world, the finback, made the trip memorable, and as we made our way back to shore we were treated to some frisky dolphins at play in the waves. The sunset was glorious and all aboard seemed glad to have been part of a very special day. Won't you consider joining us next year?

As the Dolphin Fleet is celebrating 20 years of successful whalewatching this year, CSI presented them with a framed memento for this special occasion. The Dolphin Fleet is running all day whalewatches on the "Humpback Express" on Sundays through August. Len Brown and Leslie Shields were treated to several sightings of humpbacks on the June 25th trip. Please contact the Dolphin Fleet if you are interested.

To everyone who made this year's whalewatch a success, please accept our thanks.

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