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Whales Alive!

Vol. V No. 2 April 1996


You want to help whales. CSI exists for that purpose. Whether you are a member or not the whales and CSI need your help. We have one special appeal every year: we must represent the whales at the International Whaling Commission. Dr. Carole Carlson, CSI Scientific Advisor, will be CSI's NGO representative. We are incredibly fortunate to have her. Carole is an invited participant to the IWC Scientific Committee, and will represent the whales' interests at every one of the Working Group and Committee meetings for four weeks beginning in mid-June. Carole is far more than a scientist, and her skills suit the current issues and problems well. She is giving us and the whales her time, energy and expertise. All we have to do is get her there and keep her sheltered and fed. For a group our size that is still a heavy burden. We will do it, but whatever you contribute with "IWC Appeal" on it will go absolutely to IWC expenses and help Carole and CSI help whales. They really need it this year.
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