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Vol. V No. 2 April 1996

BOGIE AND BACALL UPDATE: Good News Will Continue, with Help

The Welcome Home Bogie and Bacall Project may be the most significant effort to release captive dolphins in the world. It is certainly one of the most cautious, scientific, and closely watched release projects in history. Bogie and Bacall are two bottlenose dolphins being cared for by a team of dedicated experts, in good health, eating live fish, and interacting with wild dolphins that may be their original community at an island site in Brevard County, Florida, very close to where they were captured for display. A Scientific Steering Committee is readying a release permit to be submitted to NMFS by mid May. Bogie aborted her fetus January 1st, but Bacall is expected to give birth in June or July. To maximize the calf's chance of survival, the team looks for a release ten months later. We must congratulate the many people who have dedicated their lives, money and reputations to Bogie and Bacall's future survival in the wild. Overcoming enormous problems, including a very cold winter, they all need our help to continue. This is about far more than Bogie and Bacall. These two captive dolphins are the focus of the future for captive-to-wild releases. There is an increasing need to successfully readapt "surplus" dolphins back to the wild, and there have been too many mistakes in the past.

You can be an enormous help to Bogie and Bacall, and all the readapted dolphins that will follow them. Everything now depends on funding, and yes, this is a most unusual appeal from CSI to all "Whales Alive!" readers: Help support Welcome Home Bogie and Bacall. To contribute or get detailed information please contact: Dolphin Alliance/Welcome Home Bogie and Bacall, POB 510273, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951.

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