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Vol. V No. 3 July 1996

1996 CSI Whale Watch Report

By Len & Lea Brown

Our whale watch duties began in the winter: this winter when we were inundated week after week with snow storms, it was warming to think of a sunny June day in Provincetown on Cape Cod.

The day began with a very entertaining and informative concert by Don Sineti, world renowned shantyman and CSI Past President. People are naturally drawn to Don and the setting at the Province Lands Visitor Center is perfect - either indoors or out. This concert was held indoors with a standing room only crowd. Clearly, the local folks also like to enjoy the performance by this very talented man.

The weather was good so it was off to the dock for the sunset trip. Our group was described best by one intrepid whale watcher and CSI member, Vincent Desimone, as "small but spirited".

What luck, we were scheduled to sail on the newest ship of the Dolphin Fleet, the Dolphin VIII with Captain Aaron Avellar at the wheel. The naturalist from the Center for Coastal Studies was Julia Robbins. She answered our questions and explained all issues very clearly, both about habitat and whale behavior with a very gracious manner.

Luck was again with us as we came upon a rather large (70'+) finback whale by the name of Loon. Loon has been sighted on many occasions by the Dolphin Fleet and the Center for Coastal Studies. The large whale swam so close to the boat that we were able to get a good look at her. We are still not sure if she was watching us or if we were watching her. The weather was churning up the sea so after searching around for a while, Captain Avellar thought it best if we headed for shore.

As we returned, cheered by time spent with people who truly care about whales and warmed by CSI fellowship, our small, spirited group headed for Provincetown, renewed once more in our resolve to try to make the world safe for whales.

Consider joining us next year, we'd love to see you - and so would Loon.

We would like to also take some space to thank Don Sineti, the Dolphin Fleet, the center for Coastal Studies and the Cape Cod National Seashore/Province Lands Visitor Center staff for making this a very special event for CSI.

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