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Vol. V No. 3 July 1996

Rededication of CONNY Celebrated June 15 in West Hartford

"CONNY", the life-size, 60-foot, ferro-cement model of Connecticut's state animal, the sperm whale, constructed in 1975-76 by Cetacean Society volunteers at the Science Center of Connecticut, in West Hartford, has now been refurbished, with a special mechanism which makes him "spout" every twenty minutes. These photos were taken at ceremonies celebrating his rededication on Saturday, 15 June 1996.

Photo of CONNY Photo of Robert Victor

Robert Victor (above right), the professional engineer who, as a volunteer, oversaw the original construction of the whale model in 1976, received a "Cetacean Citation" for his dedicated contributions to CONNY's refurbishment this past spring. Science Center Operations Director Ed Forand presided, with Trustee Richard Wasserman.

Photo of "Mark Twain" etc.

A special eulogy to sperm whales was delivered by surprise guest "Mark Twain" (in costume, above left); and CSI President William Rossiter (above right) gave a citation also to Eagle Scout candidate Ken Thickman of Glastonbury, for his initiative and assistance in bringing the new CONNY project to fruition. CONNY was rededicated to the continuing mission of raising consciousness about whales and their need for permanent global protection. After the ceremonies, guests had the opportunity to view Robbins Barstow's new documentary video on "The Building of CONNY".

Photo of CONNY

Photos by Robert Victor, Jr. and Lea Brown

Robbins Barstow's documentary film of "The Building of CONNY" is available on video tape.
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