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Whales Alive!

Vol. VI No. 1 January 1997

Marineland of Canada: GET INVOLVED, PLEASE!

by William Rossiter

Marineland of Canada, at Niagara Falls, Ontario, may be the worst marine park in Canada, a place to make you cry, and then angry enough to act. Led by Zoocheck Canada, many organizations including CSI are asking members to express their concerns over the plight of the Marineland's captive creatures, including orcas and bottlenose dolphins. Please join us.

The place is a breeding farm for orcas, some even living short, secret lives in a warehouse. A major fear is that export permits may be granted, and a terrible market may result. Marineland has negotiated with Seaworld for bottlenose dolphins, also for breeding. Our goals are to preclude any further transfers of marine mammals to or from Marineland, and to force improvements at the facility. This is another case where the Public Will may be the only solution. The documentation of the problems and names of people to contact is too extensive to be included in Whales Alive!, and we urge you to contact us for copies. Or you can contact Zoocheck Canada directly at 416-696-0241, or: Zoocheck Canada Inc., 3266 Yonge Street, Ste. 1729, Toronto, Ontario M4N 3P6, Canada. E-Mail: <ZOOCHECK@IDIRECT.COM>

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