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Vol. VI No. 1 January 1997

More Books to Get Excited About

Orca: Visions of the Killer Whale, by Peter Knudtson, is a fascinating and unique portrait of these majestic creatures, glimpsed with the help of the best of Haida myths, eighteenth century sailor's tales, current scientific facts and 55 outstanding color photographs by some very well known photographers and others who should be. Knudson takes us into both the symbolic and real world of the orca, vividly describing their evolutionary origins, complex social structure, and remarkable adaptability to marine ecosystems around the world. He also finds common ground between orcas, wolves and humans in character, appetite and activity as he explores the orca-human relationship. Forward by David Suzuki, 110 pages, hardcover, $27.50, Random House, 1996.

Our last Whales Alive! profiled an outstanding 1996 Brazilian cetacean book in Portuguese, and of course we were wrong to assume that it was the only one. Bia Hetzel and Liliane Lodi rightfully pointed out that they have written four recent books: Baleias, botos e golfinhos: quia de identificacao para o Brasil, a Brazilian cetacean identification guide, 1994, Rosalina, a pesquisadora de homens, a children's book about the humpback whales of the Abrolhos Banks, Golfinhos-rotadores de Fernando de Noronha, about the resident spinner dolphins of Fernando de Noronha Island, 1994, and Baleias, botos e golfinhos: Baia da Ilha Grande, 1996, a cetacean guide to Grande Bay, Brazil. We wish we had space to do each of them justice here, but details are available from CSI for the asking.

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