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Vol. VI No. 3 July 1997

Explosions at Fernando de Noronha Island

by William Rossiter

Since March dynamite explosions have been taking place daily on Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil. The Queiroz Galvão construction company is mining rock to improve the airport and roads until October this year. Fernando de Noronha's National Marine Park (PARNAMAR-FN), is famous to many of us for Dolphin Bay, where spinner dolphins (Stenella longinostris) come to rest. The impact that such explosions may have on the dolphin is unstudied, but their sensitivity to increasing tourism was the main reason Brazil chose to limit access and protect the island's incredible beauty several years ago. Next to the stone quarry, at Sueste beach, sea turtles lay their eggs and feed the whole year round. The site is protected against human interference, but their habits may be altered because of the explosions at the quarry. The government's attitude may be changing, as a second daily tourist flight was recently approved. Your protests may make a difference. Please contact: MINISTÉRIO DO MEIO AMBIENTE, DOS RECURSOS HÍDRICOS E DA AMAZÔNIA LEGAL <webmaster@mma.gov.br> and MR. FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO, PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL, <webmaster@mare.gov.br>, or ask that your protest be forwarded by C.E.P.N. NOVA TERRA, PROJETO GOLFINHO, INSTITUTO DE BIOCIÊNCIAS, USP, CP 11.461, CEP 05422-970, Brazil, <hare@lexxa.com.br>.

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