Cetacean Society International

Whales Alive!

Vol. VI No. 3 July 1997

Australian Whaling Report Completed

by Dr. Robbins Barstow, CSI Director Emeritus

Australia's National Task Force on Whaling has completed the preparation of its report and recommendations, and submitted them to the Government, but the report has not yet been made public. The blue-ribbon Task Force was established last September to provide advice on how Australia could best achieve its goal of implementing a permanent international ban on commercial whaling. The Cetacean Society International, as well as a number of other groups, submitted a detailed statement to the panel. (See article in April 1997 issue of Whales Alive!) The Australian Minister for the Environment, Senator Robert Hill, is reportedly studying the report and preparing the Government's response. It is hoped that this response will be announced some time in July, and Senator Hill has announced that at that time he will release a summary of the report from the Task Force.

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