Cetacean Society International

Whales Alive!

Vol. VI No. 3 July 1997

Working for Whales

by Lea Brown, CSI Board

It has been written that the environmental movement is in decline. Well, you certainly can't believe everything that you read. The fantastic response that we got from the petition (in opposition to the hunting of gray whales off the Pacific coast of North America) sent via the CSI newsletter has killed that theory. We have received signed petitions from many states across our great nation and we want to thank these special people for restoring our faith.

Special thanks to Susan Pardy, who inspired her school to help save the whales (see photo). Also, much appreciation to teacher, Regina Kinsman, of Wilcoxson School in Stratford, CT, who had her class write letters expressing their concern for the whales. A very special thanks is also due to Deana Steinberg, who with the use of her fax machine was able to obtain over 100 signatures to help our efforts. We would also like to thank: Ruth Samuels, Jennifer Marsh, Judy Marshall, Amalie Montstream, Judith Ferrell, Clare Gorman, Charles Eirmann, Sharol Nelson-Embry, Josh & Michelle Elliott, Animal Welfare Institute (Washington DC) and the Dept. of Zoology (Univ. of Florida).

Unbelievable response. Much thanks to all. If anyone needs a petition or if you haven't sent yours in yet, please contact: Lea Brown, 564 North Ridgefield Avenue, Bridgeport CT 06610.

We will be mailing these petitions to Dr. Baker and will continue to mail as many as we receive, with great enthusiasm. Let's let the world know that we care enough to save the whales.

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