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Vol. VI No. 3 July 1997

Whale Watch Report - June 14, 1997

by Len & Lea Brown, CSI Whale Watch Committee

The day couldn't have been any better - sunshine, blue skies, calm seas and the fellowship of good friends. Don Sineti was in fine form, engaging the audience into participation. Once again he instructed us in the life of the sailor aboard a whaling ship with song and style. It is a special gift to teach while entertaining and Don has a generous measure of that talent.

Now, comes the hard part, where we mention our small but spirited group.... Someday we hope to be able to mention our large and spirited group. However, we gathered on the dock and boarded the Dolphin VII with high hopes, as humpback whales had been spotted earlier that day, according to our Captain, Jeremy. We were very lucky to have David Mattila, Senior Scientist with The Center for Coastal Studies, who can identity whales on the spot so we would know which whale we were seeing almost immediately.

Don Sineti in concert before the whale watch

What a treat, we had a very close approach by a mother whale "Scylla" and her newest calf, accompanied by an old friend "Pepper", one of the very first whales to be named of the Cape Cod whale group. A little later, we spotted "Zenith" with her yearling (last year's calf) which is very unusual as a calf of this age should be on its own, not still traveling with the mother. We were also treated to some very nice fluke displays by a whale known as "Peninsula". There were a few sightings of minke whales and several swooping antics of shearwaters to round out the day.

The sunset was spectacular and, and as we pulled in at the dock, the sounds of Don Sineti, singing the song of a sailor's return to port was perfect. What a pleasure to have been a part of this day.

For those who couldn't make it up for our whale watch, please find the time to come out this year and see the whales. The humpbacks have returned. We hope to see more of you next year - please feel free to write with your suggestions to get more participation.

Thanks always to those who made this such a special trip.

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