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Whales Alive!

Vol. VI No. 4 October 1997

Your Help Needed To Save The Endangered Species Act

by William Rossiter

Within days of this Whales Alive!'s arrival Congress may be voting to destroy much of the Endangered Species Act. Please call your Senators to tell them that you oppose S.1180, introduced by Senator Kempthorne (R-ID). This bill would demolish decades of effort to protect endangered species and have taxpayers subsidize habitat destruction. Tell them, and your Representative, that you support HR 2351, the Endangered Species Recovery Act. Please do it today.

At this writing (September 30th) Connecticut's Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, on the Environment and Public Works Committee, and with whom CSI has had a longstanding and positive relationship, had had three of his amendments to S.1180 approved in committee, but voted against the final version of the bill because there is no dedicated funding source for the bill's conservation programs. His amendments would "give the public access to determinations by Federal agencies that the actions of those agencies are not likely to harm a listed species", "give the public equal access to information made available to individuals who want to do something on Federal lands or use Federal funding that could impact endangered species", and "clarify that the intent of the reauthorized Endangered Species Act would not allow the Secretary of the Interior to exempt landowners from the act without a specific review of the proposed action". The lack of dedicated funding alone is enough to vote against this bill. Without it, in Lieberman's words, "what we're left with is a program of wishful thinking". For more information please contact the Endangered Species Coalition at 202-682-9400, fax # 1331. This is an urgent request. Please call today.

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