Cetacean Society International

Whales Alive!

Vol. VI No. 4 October 1997

"Working for Whales"

by William Rossiter

Occasionally Whales Alive! highlights an individual's contribution to cetacean welfare, in part to recognize that person's extraordinary effort and achievement. Another goal is to stimulate you to find your own unique way to do the same. Do you care enough about whales, dolphins and porpoises to use your time, skills and energy to help them?

Consider Brent Hall's contribution. His professional computer skills, strong convictions and endless commitment have enabled CSI to take some very giant steps. As Whales Alive! editor he consistently produces a far more sophisticated newsletter than any volunteer organization has the right to hope for. But his work on the CSI web site deserves the highest praise as well. Again singlehanded, Brent has created a well respected, well read, thoroughly useful Internet information source that CSI is proud to promote. If you haven't accessed http://csiwhalesalive.org please do. [This made more sense in the printed version!] Many Whales Alive! readers have no access to or interest in the Internet. Give it a try; you will be amazed. Those that do, know that you can't always trust what you find there. CSI will ensure that whatever we provide is dependable and accurate. As CSI is unable to provide all the answers we are asked for, carefully selected and monitored links (again, thanks to Brent) provide rich resources for almost any question. The educational flyer on captivity is now also available on the web site.

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