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Whales Alive!

Vol. VII No. 1 January 1998

CSI Supports Lawsuit Opposing Makah Whaling

by William Rossiter, CSI President

CSI has committed to filing an "Amicus curiae", or "friends of the court", brief on behalf of a lawsuit filed for Australians for Animals, U.K.'s BREACH Marine Protection, Congressman Jack Metcalf, and others, against the National Marine Fisheries Service for failure to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act, National Marine Sanctuaries Act, and the Whaling Convention Act and various statutes by "deciding to authorize and promote the killing of gray whales by the Makah Indian Tribe within the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in Northwest Washington State". Thus continues CSI's opposition to the Makah whaling, which is now planned to begin in the fall of 1998. We also continue to be very active exploring ways to meet real Makah needs and find gentle solutions to what could become an ugly crisis. Until the Makah draw blood there is time. Please contact CSI if you want to know more, or to become more directly involved.

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