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Vol. VII No. 1 January 1998

Four Captive Orcas Die In October 1997

This report was provided by the Coalition For No Whales in Captivity, 102-1365 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6H 3Y8 - Tel: (604) 736-9514 / E-mail: annelise@direct.ca

Maggie, a female orca held captive in SeaWorld Japan, gave birth to a female calf who died on October 5. Two days later on October 7, Maggie died as well.

Finna, the male orca at the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada, died of pneumonia on October 6. And then on October 29, Yaka, one of the two female orcas held in Marineworld Africa USA in California, also died of an infection.

These deaths in North America leave Bjossa as the lone female orca in Vancouver, and Vigga as the sole surviving orca in Marineworld, California. Vigga and Bjossa were captured together off the coast of Iceland in November 1980. Keiko, the Free-Willy whale who is being rehabilitated in Oregon for reintroduction back into the wild, was captured the year before in the same area off Iceland.

Chances are that Keiko, Bjossa and Vigga belong to the same family pod. Media reports show strong public support for Bjossa and Vigga to join Keiko in Oregon in order to return the three orcas back to their natural habitat together.

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