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Whales Alive!

Vol. VII No. 2 April 1998

We Need Your Support to Bring CSI to the IWC

CSI has had an influential and respected role as a Non Government Observer at the International Whaling Commission meetings for decades. This has always been a major priority and expense for us because we do make a difference. Your support makes the difference for CSI to be there. This year the International Whaling Commission will meet in Oman in May. Oman is expensive to get to; CSI would be there even if we had to take out a loan. We hope that you will help prevent that from being necessary.

For an excellent summary of our major concerns please read Kate O'Connell's article in this issue and previous Whales Alive! issues. CSI is again represented by our superb Non Government Observer, Dr. Carole Carlson. Carole will bring your concerns about commercial whale killing to this international forum.

We are extremely fortunate to have Carole as our volunteer NGO at the IWC, as well as a Scientific Advisor to CSI. We're not paying this professional scientist and ardent conservationist to be there; all we are doing is covering some expenses. But those expenses are for more than the general meeting itself. They include preliminary and follow-up meetings in Washington and elsewhere. Carole will be in Oman weeks early, as a member of the IWC's Scientific Committee. A world authority on whale watching, she will again formally champion that benign use of cetaceans.

CSI is also trying to help José Pallazo, our Representative in Brazil, get to Oman as an NGO representative for the International Wildlife Coalition. José will be extraordinarily valuable to this year's meeting because of his working relationship with the Brazilian Commissioner. The Western South American Sanctuary proposal will benefit greatly from José's presence. CSI and other organizations must help him get there for the benefit of all of us.

Please consider even a small donation to CSI to support our IWC efforts. We know that the whaling threats may sound strident and similar every year and you may wonder if it will ever end. This is a war. It will certainly end if we give up. Then the real war against whales will begin; the carnage will be horrific. Whales are easy and profitable meat wrapped in national pride and cultural ethics. Look through all the issues to the reasons why you care about whales, and why you joined CSI. We won't quit, and we hope your support won't either. The whales deserve your support.

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