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Whales Alive!

Vol. VIII No. 3 July 1999

Book Review

by Cynthia G. O'Connell

Cynthia is eight years old and just finished second grade at Wolcott School, West Hartford, CT.

Tailey Whaley: A Tale of a Whale with a Whale of a Tail, written by Charles Boyle, illustrated by Everett Davidson. Published by Trident Publishing, ISBN 0-9657214-4-2, hardback, $18 U.S.

This interesting story is about a whale named Tailey, some kids that tease Tailey because his tail is so big, a few whalers and of course Tailey's mom, who helps her son. I like the fact that at the end of the book, they put in a page where you can write the names of your treasured friends. For example, I wrote down my friend's name which is Hannah Bloomquist. Hannah and I hope to go on a whale watch this summer. I don't think we'll see Tailey, but I will think of Tailey, his mom Kaily and all of his friends!! I hope we see a few whales on the whale watch. I think that other kids should have a chance to read Tailey Whaley because it is a wonderful book and has a lot of detail. I hope you enjoyed this report about the book Tailey Whaley. I recommend this book from ages four to eleven.

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