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Whale Adoption Program

Cetacean Society International has expanded its adoption program to include even more fascinating named humpback whales.

CSI's adoption program is unique because you actually get to meet your adopted whale on a special and unbelievable DVD included with your adoption package. Each of the eleven distinct DVDs highlight the adoption whale of your choice. Many include one or more members of its family tree, special or rare behaviors and the sights and sounds of being on the water with the whale you select. You witness your favorite whale feeding, breaching, flippering and showing an interest in boats, up close and personal.

I AM ONE OF A KIND Each whale is unique and deserving of special protections.

Standard Adoption includes:

Price is $40.00 US with free shipping

Supporting Adoption includes:

Price is $75.00 US with free shipping

CSI's whale adoption program is administered by Dan Knaub of CSI and the Whale Video Company.

Click here for more information on each whale, and how to adopt a whale!

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