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Welcome to Cetacean Society International's PHOTO GALLERY. We are pleased to offer 172 images of many species of cetaceans and a few other marine mammals for any non-profit use you can imagine. CSI's goal with this PHOTO GALLERY is to offer you images so you can help us represent the marvel and beauty of whales and dolphins, and some human impact problems. The images and text have been chosen to illustrate many subjects and stimulate thought, not to describe the species or location in the standard way.

These images may be used only for noncommercial education, conservation and scientific purposes. Unless otherwise noted, the images are the personal property of and copyrighted by William Rossiter. These images are suitable for computer screens and small printouts. Publication quality versions of the images are also available; please contact CSI at info@csiwhalesalive.org for details.

The PHOTO GALLERY represents only a few images. The species listed in the index below which do not have links are waiting for your images. Would you be willing to offer your images for CSI's PHOTO GALLERY? All we can give you is credit and personal satisfaction.

All we ask in return for your use of these images from this site is that you become a member of CSI. Please print out and complete the membership form and mail it and the membership fee to the address shown. Yes, how will we know if you take what you want but not join CSI? This is an honor system. Why not help an all-volunteer organization that is doing so much to help whales? Have you seen the rest of our website? Do you know of any other organization that accomplishes so much with so few resources? We need your membership and help. Join us.

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Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea

  • Suborder: Mysticeti (Baleen whales)
  • Suborder: Odontoceti (Toothed whales)

Other Marine Mammals