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Cetacean Issues

This page is primarily an index of some of the articles that have appeared in our newsletter, Whales Alive!, organized by the major issues that CSI deals with:

The International Whaling Commission

Whale and Dolphin Killing

Dolphin-Safe Tuna


It is the position of Cetacean Society International that it is no longer justifiable for cetaceans to be captured or maintained in captivity for purposes of exhibition, research or education. There exists a moral imperative for cetaceans in captivity to be maintained in optimal conditions for their physical and social well-being and for efforts to be made for their rehabilitation and release.

CSI has published a flyer on cetaceans in captivity. Click here to look at the on-line version. Printed copies may be obtained by contacting CSI at P.O. Box 953, Georgetown, CT 06829 U.S.A.

Following are the articles we have published on captivity issues in Whales Alive!:

Noise in the Oceans

The Natural Resources Defense Council has published a major report, "Sounding the Depths II: The Rising Toll of Sonar, Shipping and Industrial Ocean Noise on Marine Life". Read the on-line version of the report on the NRDC web site at http://www.nrdc.org/wildlife/marine/sound/contents.asp.

Whale Watching

Other Human Impacts on Cetaceans

Research and Education