Cetacean Society International

Whales Alive!

Vol. VI No. 1 January 1997

Donald B. Kilpatrick

CSI's Treasurer Donald B. Kilpatrick passed away suddenly but peacefully at his home in West Hartford, on December 18th. His wife, Barbara, CSI's Vice President, was immediately surrounded by family and many friends. We all wanted to help.

Don was a very special man to many, especially to CSI. We are suddenly left with an urgent need to grasp the flood of warm memories of this special person who contributed so much with nothing to gain but satisfaction. His voluntary efforts on behalf of CSI were significant and exceptional. I recall with a smile the many times his wry and skeptical tone alerted me that I was stretching things, and somehow he accounted for every penny in spite of my chaotic records. He also kept in check our desires to spend funds we didn't have, not easy tasks in an idealistic group like CSI. He gave us the security that our resources were safe and well tended, and kept CSI well within the narrow limits allowed of not-for-profit organizations. Numerous times he organized and mailed whole issues of Whales Alive! and special notices all by himself. He just got things done, and he always seemed to enjoy doing things on behalf of cetaceans.

Don was a World War II U.S. Army veteran, and had retired as Accounts Examiner for the Department of Public Utilities Control of Connecticut. Besides Barbara, he is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, three daughters, two grandchildren, a sister, and three nieces.

Donations in Don's memory would be welcome at the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Hartford, 790 Maple Avenue, Hartford, CT.

We miss him. - William Rossiter

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