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Beluga Whale

(Delphinapterus leucas)

Many unique adaptations to an Arctic life make the beluga very special. If white coloring is a protection against predators why are the babies dark gray? The beluga is the "sea canary", known for an amazing variety of social sounds, but what do they mean? The St. Lawrence river belugas are among the most pollution-laden creatures in the world; if they come ashore they must be disposed of as toxic waste. What can we do?
This beluga looks out of her tank at the people who pass by, eager to interact with anyone who stops by. Wouldn't you too, if you were alone and bored, day after day? In Mexico City a solitary beluga's tank is under a roller coaster! Russian belugas were caught to be sold internationally as meat. The U.S. is allowing the Cook Inlet population to be destroyed by hunting and impacts. We don't treat belugas very well, do we?