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Deborah Adams


"Thinking outside the box and giving back" has been the driving philosophy in Deb's life. After working as a senior level executive in corporate brand management and marketing agencies for many years, and driven by a desire to make a difference in the world, she founded her company, domo domo IMG, in 1995 by creating a new model for a marketing agency. The core principles focused on offering best in class services and a balanced work life, while simultaneously engaging with a greater purpose. At that time, the term "socially responsible business practices" had yet to be coined, much less put into practice, so what she was doing at the outset was revolutionary. This new marketing agency model harnessed the power of the fledgling Internet and sustained a "green" mission long before it became en vogue.

The values and reputation of the company have resulted in 16+ years of continuous work with Fortune 100 and 500 corporations as well as non-profit organizations that are looking to maximize their potential through strategic planning, branding, positioning and development of new product or service offerings.

In 2003, she founded legaSeas International, a 501(C)3 organization focused upon preserving the world's oceans for future generations. Ms. Adams is actively involved in marine conservation initiatives and attends the annual International Whaling Commission meeting where legaSeas is an accredited NGO observer. (The IWC governs global policy regarding the conservation of cetaceans, ocean sanctuaries and research.)

Deb is currently working on a major initiative to create a new model for global grass roots engagement for preservation of the world's oceans. Called The O-Nation, this will be a unique digital platform that serves as the convener of ocean related education curricula. The launch is event is scheduled for October, 2014 where Deb, and her partner in this endeavor Jennifer Nolan, will turn the iconic space of Rockefeller Center into an immersed, week long, multi-media ocean experience.

Deb also serves on the board of directors of BlueVoice.org created by actor Ted Danson and world-renowned ocean activist Hardy Jones; and the board of Cetacean Society International, a long-standing NGO working to protect and save whales since 1974. She has a B.A. in Communications and M.A. in Marketing and Political Communications.

An avid gardener, mountain biker and kayaker, Deb resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband John Couture and their beloved dogs, Merlot and Grace.