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George Upton Bio Picture

George A. Upton


George's interest in whales began when in elementary school he read a science article that stated, matter-of-factly, that "whales will be extinct within the next century". He decided that not doing anything to prevent that was plain wrong. While he does not consider himself a whale "expert", he became friendly with people active in CSI and like-minded organizations. By coincidence he discovered that one of his co-workers at his day job as a bridge engineer for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the late Bob Victor, was also on the CSI board. Other friends convinced him to join CSI. Since the year 2000 George has been on the CSI board supporting CSI activities, as well as being a member of the Sierra Club, Appalachian Mountain Club, Humane Society of the U.S., and other like-minded organizations. A licensed professional engineer, he retired from the Transportation Department in 2010. Since then he has kept busy with his violin, CSI activities, and his beloved border collie, Olive, who he claims is smarter than most people including himself.