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Jeff Mills Bio Picture

Jeffrey Mills

Alternate Director

Jeff Mills "met" CSI through an unlikely, though not illogical, source: Star Trek. He was teaching an adult enrichment course called "The Cultural Relevance of Star Trek," in the late 1980s in Greater Hartford when then-CSI director Robbins Barstow contacted him with a plan to bring actress Catherine Hicks to Hartford for a benefit showing of "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" (yup, the one with the whales). Hicks, who played marine biologist Gillian Taylor in the movie, DID in fact come to Hartford to lend her celebrity to the cause (and stayed with the Barstow family for the weekend). Jeff helped to bring the local Trekkers into the mix, and a beautiful relationship was formed.

Jeff joined the CSI board soon after, where he served a handful of years (now serving as a perpetual alternate). An Environmental Studies graduate of Oberlin College, Jeff was also forming his own company at this time, focused on providing communications and management services for small businesses, non-profits, and trade groups focused mainly on land use and environmental matters. He works closely today with landscape architects, planners, conservation officials, wetland scientists, and others in the public and private sectors who influence our impacts on the environment.

One of the wonderful side benefits of Jeff's interactions with CSI was a close lasting friendship with Robbins. The two met semi-regularly for lunches over the years to discuss politics, film, technology, and ...of course... whales. Robbins and Meg warmly opened their home to occasionally host Jeff's ad hoc group, the Central Connecticut Star Trek Support Group, which brought them a new family of friends. Jeff and Robbins discovered that the palette of morality tales about "otherness" within Star Trek was a useful metaphor for discussing mankind's relationship with whales.

One of the things that CSI does so well is to facilitate beautiful synergies.