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Leesa Sklover-Filgate Bio Picture

Leesa Sklover-Filgate Ph.D


2012 - Present

Leesa Sklover-Filgate, Ph.D, LPC, CMT, CRC, IKYTA has a Doctorate in Philosophy with a specialization in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Behavioral Medicine and a masters in music therapy. Dr. Sklover practices heart centered, psychotherapy and counselling focusing on eco-psychology, spiritual psychology, integrated medicine and healing techniques.

Her practice is based in CT. and in NYC and through her consulting work through Lovelife Productions. She believes it is "Your Birthright to be happy" and her programs promote tools to get to that place of resilience and contentment.

Dr. Sklover's other passion is as a performing songwriter, composer, shamanic healer and teacher. She is an artist and scientist at the forefront of interspecies musical communication and board member of Cetacean Society International.