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Whales Alive! - Vol. XIV No. 3 - July 2005

Super Saturday in Harrisburg, PA

By Dan Knaub, CSI Board

A huge event for children living near Harrisburg, PA. was held on Saturday, June 11, 2005. This was the third year that The Patriot News sponsored "Super Saturday".

CSI Board member, Dan Knaub, a sister-in-law and nephew (Debbie and Sean Knaub) worked a booth about whales, whale watching, whale adoption, whaling and membership in CSI. From 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM, several thousand children and adults of all ages learned that whales are individuals, with distinct personalities and that many whales have an interest in humans.

A large poster was on display that reminded visitors that whaling is still a major problem and is growing in numbers and species. Perhaps the most striking part of the display was the field of 670 individual whale tails that represented each of the minke whales killed by Japan in the last twelve months.

Whaling is back poster

Each booth was required to provide an entertaining or educational game for kids. Dan (he owns The Whale Video Company) had four large pictures of humpback whale tail patterns. As you know, the tail or fluke patterns of humpbacks are unique, just like our fingerprints. The whales were Spoon, Salt, Arrow and Fringe. He produced a short video clip that showed the whales diving with their tails filling the video monitor. Each child would see the marks, scars and amount of white and black patterns. They were very good at picking out which of the four whales they just watched on the monitor. They were also told several interesting facts about the whale they identified, such as the year of birth, how many calves it had and when it was last seen.

A good time was had by all!

Adopt a Whale poster

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