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Whales Alive! - Vol. XVII No. 1 - January 2008

Thanks To CSI President William W. Rossiter

A Personal Tribute Letter from CSI Director Emeritus Dr. Robbins Barstow

As 2007 draws to its close, I am writing you on behalf of the CSI Board of Directors, our entire membership, and all the world's cetaceans, to thank you for your truly outstanding leadership of this small but dedicated organization and for your continually bringing about the making of a difference so greatly out of proportion to our size and resources.

The Cetacean Society International, originally the Connecticut Cetacean Society, was founded in March of 1974. For 18 years, until 1992, Donald Sineti served as President, and I was Volunteer Executive Director. You were elected Vice-President in October 1983, upon the resignation of Frank Gardner, of the West Hartford Children's Museum. You served continuously in that position for ten years, including the 2-year presidency of Leslie Shields (1992-1994), and then you assumed the presidency in 1994, while I became Director Emeritus. For 14 years now, you have been our president, effectively fulfilling also, still on a totally volunteer basis, the no-longer-titled role of executive director.

During all this time, over a record total now of 24 years as president or vice-president, you have extended yourself in more ways than can be counted to advance the cause of cetacean protection. You have, with the continual help of other officers and board members, brought the society to new heights of cetacean advocacy, nationally and internationally, and empowered the society to provide transformative support for literally hundreds of pioneer cetacean researchers around the globe. Whether dealing with issues of International Whaling Commission policy, the U.S. Navy's Sonar "War on Whales," cetacean captivity and international dolphin trade actions, lethal whale research, dolphin slaughter, ocean pollution and toxic poisoning, your leadership and expertise have given CSI a powerful voice and earned world-wide respect beyond measure. We have been sought after as co-litigants in critical federal law suits. Your boundless energy and tireless efforts, involving round-the-clock utilization of Internet information and communication, have kept CSI in the forefront of global cetacean conservation, education, and research.

So once again, our deepest thanks, take care, God bless, and carry on.


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